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Bloodmist and Frywhip by Yuushin7
Bloodmist and Frywhip
Got myself some Winsor & Newton watercolors~ so I decided to test them out ASAP x3
If you wonder why girls seem fuzzy that's because this was done on small format (9x21 cm) so I wasn't able to take care of the details as well as I wanted to :meow:
As for the watercolors, I LOVE THEM so far :lol: and I'm working on new (bigger) piece with them :woohoo: even though there are other things I should be doing right now xD

Shiin and Felly©Yuushin7

you can view them separately on my tumblr
Damn Walter White by Yuushin7
Damn Walter White
Screen cap study~ Walter White from Breaking bad

I just finished this show it's.....Fantastic :D
To quote Jeremy Jahns "Breaking Bad is a Master class...No hipster, I'm just saying"

Seriously, go watch it :love: :la:
Sakura Haruno by Yuushin7
Sakura Haruno
Thanks to shilin's tutorial I finally understood how to work with masks in Photoshop! Thank you! :la: Until now for some reason I couldn't figure out those things :dummy:

Felt like drawing Sakura from Naruto ("The Last" version)
Putting all complaints and nitpicking aside (especially in regards to this character),series ending was very satisfying for me and more I thought about it better it got. One of my oldest OTP's got together too so that's awesome ;p I'm really enjoying spoilers and translations from Kakashi's and Shikamaru's novel's and I can wait for Sakura's in April :lol:
Hello again! I came here to interact with you guys, and it's not even New Year!! hahah :lol:
I figure It'd be nice to give you oportunity (if you want it) to get a sense of who's behind stuff you're watching this page for, right? Despite the fact that these journals are going under the radar in general (and my overall innactivity up until this point) I'll do my best to communicate with you people more often regardless :D

So, how's your [sadistic summer] going? Mine is...Alright I guess. It's a huuuuge relief that I cleared my second year completely so I don't have any exams in September and October, so I actually have two more months that I can say consist entirely of free time. It's questionable though whether or not I'll have it again in my life.
Don't ask why, but I have this feeling that this will be last summer break I'll have. Maybe because I expect next 2 or 3. years to be harder then this one to clear and I have no idea what comes after faculty in life for me so....
I'll see to enjoy this remaining two months the best I can, but because I got all my exams down doesn't mean I'm off the hook completely. There are still things expected of me to do for the next year.

This is mainly in regards to print making class. Namely, I need to make "sketches" that I will realize throughout the year as print and I am in a conflict as for what_to_draw. My professor favors my small watercolor studies of still nature, landscapes etc, but I would like to try doing illustration. The thing is she doesn't like my illustrations much. Not that she's seen much of them, but what she did saw was brushed off immediately. However that's not the main issue here. I could step up my game and show her decent stuff (or so I would like to think), but.....I have no idea what would I like to draw, that would look good as print!!! :XD: Aaah...Decisions, decisions...And I have little over two months for it too xD.... Hahah, there goes my "last summer break" worrying over shit like this TuT

I also spent pointless seven days at countryside, dad's birth place. We stayed at his old, now abandoned, house, which we barely got to, because no one passed there for whole year so grass and other things were almost 1m high. He even managed to hit plum tree with his car. Don't even get me started on the state of the roads there. Not to mention when we started our journey, there was such a trafic jam that we were close to turning back home. It was hot like in an oven too, so our poor old car was boiling like crazy. It took us two hours just to get to the highway..We should have gave up and turned back home, cause this vacation didn't go as expected for any of us. What's takeaway here? Learn to read signs that universe sends you kids, they are there for a reason xD
Because of my last year experience I had enough time to mentaly prepare myself for bugs and other friendly creatures, but lack of proper bathroom still got on my nerves greatly. Luckilly I had my tablet with me where I obsessively played Zombie Age2 and watched anime Free! and Breaking Bad. I've also read 1984 by George Orwell, which gives me chills just by thinking about it. It was terrifyingly awesome. xD
If there are any up sides to this trip, well, you gotta appreciate fresh air and clean watter. Those things really are priceless. Upon returning to the city first thing you notice is how much air literally stinks. If you can even call it air, I could barelly breathe it in.
And scenery of hills and mountais is nice, when it's not obscured by big ass grass I mean >,>. Here's some pics~

I'm glad I had this lovely dog to keep me company though, she is such a sweetheart :love: :huggle: She loves taking baths too! I'm sure she missed them as much as I did T__T
Untitled by Yuushin7 Untitled by Yuushin7 Untitled by Yuushin7Here's the Traffic Jam of HeLLUntitled by Yuushin7 Untitled by Yuushin7

No 1 badass in the village (also a sweetheart)
Untitled by Yuushin7Radio"Let me play you every country song that ever existed" and TV we never useUntitled by Yuushin7 (antena set up in the backyard is just as useless xDD)

Romance bro~! Due to thunderstorms electicity would die on us once in a while. Luckilly not for too long.
Untitled by Yuushin7 Sanity saviours (honorable tablet not present in the picture) Untitled by Yuushin7

Hello mr Grasshopper~Untitled by Yuushin7 
Bonus- mean grass chopper as I like to call it xDUntitled by Yuushin7

So, that's my summer so far. I expect to visit Avala tower with my friend next, and hopefully I'll go on a short trip to Vienna in September with few friends. I'm really looking forward to that :lol:,
In other news, my high school teacher contacted me recently with potential job thingie for so that ambiguous Human x Nature project thing that poped into my head a once upon a time, but I never found much inspiration to work on it, I finally found potential outlet for that idea! It wont rot in the back of my mind after all :lol:
Also, as long as I've known for myself I always wanted to create some sort of story, but not a single idea came to stay or I never had much of it to even start anything, but that situation is looking good too, since something started crystalyzing in my mind. However it's far from sharable right now, but I might upload few character designs some time in the future ;)

That's it from me so far. Hahah, just this is lenghty as it is anyway xD

Also, what anime/TV shows are you watching? :meow: I started Breaking Bad on my trip, I'm almost done with season 2. Aside from that I'm eagerly waiting for The Walking Dead season 5 to start <3 Can't wait to see Ricktatorship in full bloom and what direction story will take in comparison to the comics.

As for anime I'm watching Zankyou no Terror (OST is pure love), Tokyo Ghoul, Ao Haru Ride and Glasslip. Also there is SAO that I'm watching purely out of curiosity to see if it can get worse then S1 xD but I am also bit curious about where this story is going. How is that girl going to integrate her trauma and will she heal from it....Hell I'm curious to see how will SAO even handle this topic altogether xD I listened today rather lenghty review of the series (1 hr long) where person mentioned brief history of novels anime was made after and how writer is aware of the plot holes he might have left and how he rushed to get first volume done. Maybe he got his shit together later on, who knows xD

Now, that's really it from me for now :) Feel free to leave a coment, ask whatever you want too and cya around :wave:

PS: Still open for them point commission. :lol:
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  • Watching: Breaking Bad, Scrubs, TG, ZnK, Glasslip, Ao H ride
  • Playing: Candy Crush on FB
  • Eating: Watermelon
  • Drinking: H2O

Some of the awesome people who's work inspires me here ;)



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Olcsi64 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav ^-^♥ :iconyuihugplz:
Yuushin7 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Professional General Artist
:love: you're welcome~
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Just wanted to thank you for the fave!

Also, since I'm currently focusing on music, I was wondering if you'd be interested in supporting me in that endeavor of mine?

If you are, I can link you to where you can find that stuff!
Yuushin7 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for invitation :D I'll join if I can :3
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your such a great artist... i want to draw like you someday
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uber-chaos Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Hey there
I commented on a picture you made of Gakupo on your previous account, but I read on your page that that account was no longer active.
Anyway, I want to use the pic on a youtube video I'm making and would be glad if you could confirm (I will credit you of course):
Yuushin7 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ok :thumbsup: Link it back, would like to see that :lol:
uber-chaos Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
There you go:

I am also uploading another version of the song currently. Its link is in the description of the first version, be sure to check it out later.

Thanks again for letting me use your picture, not much Gakupo horror images around and yours is one of the best.
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